English poetry

Poems in English

The Poet

Only on me, the lonely one, The unending stars of the night shine, The stone fountain whispers its magic song, […]

How Heavy The Days

How heavy the days are. There’s not a fire that can warm me, Not a sun to laugh with me, […]

Lonesome Night

You brothers, who are mine, Poor people, near and far, Longing for every star, Dream of relief from pain, You, […]

A Swarm Of Gnats

Many thousand glittering motes Crowd forward greedily together In trembling circles. Extravagantly carousing away For a whole hour rapidly vanishing, […]

At Night On The High Seas

At night, when the sea cradles me And the pale star gleam Lies down on its broad waves, Then I […]

Without You

My Pillow gazes upon me at night Empty as a gravestone; I never thought it would be so bitter To […]

I Know, You Walk

I walk so often, late, along the streets, Lower my gaze, and hurry, full of dread, Suddenly, silently, you still […]

On A Journey

Don’t be downcast, soon the night will come, When we can see the cool moon laughing in secret Over the […]

Lying In Grass

Is this everything now, the quick delusions of flowers, And the down colors of the bright summer meadow, The soft […]