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Poems in English


“I will not part! There is no end!” She clings and clings… And in the breast the rise Of threatening […]

Little World

Children – are staring of eyes so frightful, Mischievous legs on a wooden floor, Children – is sun in the […]

The Window

In the sweet, Atlantic Breathing of spring My curtain’s like a butterfly, Huge, fluttering Like a Hindu widow To a […]

Grey Hairs

These are ashes of treasures: Of hurt and loss. These are ashes in face of which Granite is dross. Dove, […]

Much Like Me

Much like me, you make your way forward, Walking with downturned eyes. Well, I too kept mine lowered. Passer-by, stop […]

The Demon In Me

The demon in me’s not dead, He’s living, and well. In the body as in a hold, In the self […]

To Mother

In the old Strauss waltz for the first time We had listened to your quiet call, Since then all the […]