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The Picture

SOLICITED I’ve been to give a tale, In which (though true, decorum must prevail), The subject from a picture shall […]


TO serve the shop as ‘prentice was the lot; Of one who had the name of Nicaise got; A lad […]

Neighbour Peter's Mare

A CERTAIN pious rector (John his name), But little preached, except when vintage came; And then no preparation he required […]


IN Lombardy’s fair land, in days of yore, Once dwelt a prince, of youthful charms, a store; Each FAIR, with […]

Friar Philip's Geese

IF these gay tales give pleasure to the FAIR, The honour’s great conferred, I’m well aware; Yet, why suppose the […]

The Dog

THE key, which opes the chest of hoarded gold. Unlocks the heart that favours would withhold. To this the god […]

The Little Bell

HOW weak is man! how changeable his mind! His promises are naught, too oft we find; I vowed (I hope […]

The Rhemese

NO city I to Rheims would e’er prefer: Of France the pride and honour I aver; The Holy Ampoule and […]

The Magic Cup

THE worst of ills, with jealousy compared, Are trifling torments ev’ry where declared. IMAGINE, to yourself a silly fool, To […]

The Country Justice

TWO lawyers to their cause so well adhered, A country justice quite confused appeared, By them the facts were rendered […]

The Clyster

IF truth give pleasure, surely we should try; To found our tales on what we can rely; Th’ experiment repeatedly […]

The Gascon

I AM always inclined to suspect The best story under the sun As soon as by chance I detect That […]

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