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Poems in English

The Pack-Saddle

A FAMOUS painter, jealous of his wife; Whose charms he valued more than fame or life, When going on a […]

The Devil In Hell

HE surely must be wrong who loving fears; And does not flee when beauty first appears. Ye FAIR, with charms […]

The Contract

THE husband’s dire mishap, and silly maid, In ev’ry age, have proved the fable’s aid; The fertile subject never will […]

The Jealous Husband

A CERTAIN husband who, from jealous fear, With one eye slept while t’other watched his dear, Deprived his wife of […]

The Falcon

I RECOLLECT, that lately much I blamed, The sort of lover, avaricious named; And if in opposites we reason see, […]

The Magnificent

SOME wit, handsome form and gen’rous mind; A triple engine prove in love we find; By these the strongest fortresses […]