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The Rhemese

NO city I to Rheims would e’er prefer: Of France the pride and honour I aver; The Holy Ampoule and […]

The Magic Cup

THE worst of ills, with jealousy compared, Are trifling torments ev’ry where declared. IMAGINE, to yourself a silly fool, To […]

The Country Justice

TWO lawyers to their cause so well adhered, A country justice quite confused appeared, By them the facts were rendered […]

The Clyster

IF truth give pleasure, surely we should try; To found our tales on what we can rely; Th’ experiment repeatedly […]

The Gascon

I AM always inclined to suspect The best story under the sun As soon as by chance I detect That […]

The Cobbler

WE’RE told, that once a cobbler, BLASE by name; A wife had got, whose charms so high in fame; But […]

The Husband-Confessor

WHEN Francis (named the first) o’er Frenchmen reign’d, In Italy young Arthur laurels gained, And oft such daring valour showed […]

The Dress-Maker

A CLOISTERED nun had a lover Dwelling in the neighb’ring town; Both racked their brains to discover How they best […]

The Kiss Returned

AS WILLIAM walking with his wife was seen, A man of rank admired her lovely mien. Who gave you such […]

The Psalter

ONCE more permit me, nuns, and this the last; I can’t resist, whatever may have passed, But must relate, what […]

The Hermit

WHEN Venus and Hypocrisy combine, Oft pranks are played that show a deep design; Men are but men, and friars […]

The River Scamander

I’M now disposed to give a pretty tale; Love laughs at what I’ve sworn and will prevail; Men, gods, and […]

The Old Man’s Calendar

OFT have I seen in wedlock with surprise, That most forgot from which true bliss would rise When marriage for […]

The Spectacles

I LATELY vowed to leave the nuns alone, So oft their freaks have in my page been shown. The subject […]

The Amorous Courtesan

DAN CUPID, though the god of soft amour, In ev’ry age works miracles a store; Can Catos change to male […]

The Bucking-Tub

IF once in love, you’ll soon invention find And not to cunning tricks and freaks be blind; The youngest ‘prentice, […]

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