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Long Odds

How many million galaxies there are Who knows? and each has countless stars in it, And each rolls through eternities […]

The Four Winds

The South wind said to the palms: My lovers sing me psalms; But are they as warm as those That […]

Boo to Buddha

So it is eighteen years, Helena, since we met! A season so endears, Nor you nor I forget The fresh […]

The Five Adorations

I praise Thee, God, whose rays upstart beneath the Bright And Morning Star: Nowit asali fardh salat assobhi allahu akbar. […]


Here rests beneath this hospitable spot A youth to flats and flatties not unknown. The Plymouth Brethren gave it to […]

The Atheist

Nor thou, Habib, nor I are glad, When rosy limbs and sweat entwine; But rapture drowns the sense and self, […]

At Sea

As night hath stars, more rare than ships In ocean, faint from pole to pole, So all the wonder of […]

The Hermit

AN ATTACK ON BARBERCRAFT [Dedicated to George Cecil Jones] At last an end of all I hoped and feared! Muttered […]

The Interpreter

Mother of Light, and the Gods! Mother of Music, awake! Silence and speech are at odds; Heaven and Hell are […]


Come to my arms – is it eve? is it morn? Is Apollo awake? Is Diana reborn? Are the streams […]

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