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The Mantra-Yoga

I How should I seek to make a song for thee When all my music is to moan thy name? […]


The mighty sound of forests murmuring In answer to the dread command; The stars that shudder when their king Extends […]


Jupiter Mars P Moon VENEZIA, “May” 19″th”, 1910. Jupiter’s foursquare blaze of gold and blue Rides on the moon, a […]

On – On – Poet

I to the open road, You to the hunchbacked street – Which of us two Shall the earlier rue That […]

Pan to Artemis

Uncharmable charmer Of Bacchus and Mars In the sounding rebounding Abyss of the stars! O virgin in armour, Thine arrows […]

The Disciples

“To Lionel Engers-Kennedy: to the memory of Hargrave Jennings: and To A. C. W. G. and H. E. H.” Beneath […]


I bring ye wine from above, From the vats of the storied sun; For every one of yer love, And […]

Athor and Asar

[Dedicated to Frank Harris, editor of Vanity Fair] On the black night, beneath the winter moon, I clothed me in […]

La Gitana

Your hair was full of roses in the dewfall as we danced, The sorceress enchanting and the paladin entranced, In […]

Hymn to Lucifer

Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act? Without its climax, death, what savour hath Life? an impeccable […]

An Oath

(An Oath wrtitten during the Dawn Meditation) Aiwaz! Confirm my troth with thee! my will inspire With secret sperm of […]

The Wizard Way

[Dedicated to General J. C. F. Fuller] Velvet soft the night-star glowed Over the untrodden road, Through the giant glades […]

The Buddhist

There never was a face as fair as yours, A heart as true, a love as pure and keen. These […]

The Twins

[Dedicated to Austin Osman Spare] Have pity! show no pity! Those eyes that send such shivers Into my brain and […]

A Birthday

“Aug.” 10, 1911. Full moon to-night; and six and twenty years Since my full moon first broke from angel spheres! […]

Au Bal

[Dedicated to Horace Sheridan-Bickers] A vision of flushed faces, shining limbs, The madness of the music that entrances All life […]


Out of the night forth flamed a star – mine own! Now seventy light-years nearer as I urge Constant my […]

The Neophyte

To-night I tread the unsubstantial way That looms before me, as the thundering night Falls on the ocean: I must […]

The Garden of Janus

I The cloud my bed is tinged with blood and foam. The vault yet blazes with the sun Writhing above […]


Gabriel whispered in mine ear His archangelic poesie. How can I write? I only hear The sobbing murmur of the […]

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