English poetry

Poems in English

Forgotten Language

Once I spoke the language of the flowers, Once I understood each word the caterpillar said, Once I smiled in […]


Birds are flyin’ south for winter. Here’s the Weird-Bird headin’ north, Wings a-flappin’, beak a-chatterin’, Cold head bobbin’ back ‘n’ […]

Cloony The Clown

I’ll tell you the story of Cloony the Clown Who worked in a circus that came through town. His shoes […]

It’s Dark in Here

I am writing these poems From inside a lion, And it’s rather dark in here. So please excuse the handwriting […]

Boa Constrictor

Oh, I’m being eaten By a boa constrictor, A boa constrictor, A boa constrictor, I’m being eaten by a boa […]


I opened my eyes And looked up at the rain, And it dripped in my head And flowed into my […]

Messy Room

Whosever room this is should be ashamed! His underwear is hanging on the lamp. His raincoat is there in the […]

Bear In There

There’s a Polar Bear In our Frigidaire He likes it ’cause it’s cold in there. With his seat in the […]