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On Rabbi Kook's Street

On Rabbi Kook’s Street I walk without this good man A streiml he wore for prayer A silk top hat […]

I Have Become Very Hairy

I have become very hairy all over my body. I’m afraid they’ll start hunting me because of my fur. My […]


Not the peace of a cease-fire Not even the vision of the wolf and the lamb, But rather As in […]

Quick And Bitter

The end was quick and bitter. Slow and sweet was the time between us, Slow and sweet were the nights […]

God Full Of Mercy

God-Full-of-Mercy, the prayer for the dead. If God was not full of mercy, Mercy would have been in the world, […]

You Mustn't Show Weakness

You mustn’t show weakness And you’ve got to have a tan. But sometimes I feel like the thin veils Of […]

Once A Great Love

Once a great love cut my life in two. The first part goes on twisting At some other place like […]


Before the gate has been closed, Before the last quetion is posed, Before I am transposed. Before the weeds fill […]

Ein Yahav

A night drive to Ein Yahav in the Arava Desert, A drive in the rain. Yes, in the rain. There […]

Temporary Poem Of My Time

Hebrew writing and Arabic writing go from east to west, Latin writing, from west to east. Languages are like cats: […]


On a roof in the Old City Laundry hanging in the late afternoon sunlight: The white sheet of a woman […]

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