English poetry

Poems in English

Our Lady

MOTHER of God! no lady thou: Common woman of common earth Our Lady ladies call thee now, But Christ was […]


O LET me be in loving nice, Dainty, fine, and o’er precise, That I may charm my charm├ád dear As […]

The Other Side of a Mirror

I sat before my glass one day, And conjured up a vision bare, Unlike the aspects glad and gay, That […]

The Witch

I HAVE walked a great while over the snow, And I am not tall nor strong. My clothes are wet, […]

To Memory

Strange Power, I know not what thou art, Murderer or mistress of my heart. I know I’d rather meet the […]

Blue and White

BLUE is Our Lady’s colour, White is Our Lord’s. To-morrow I will wear a knot Of blue and white cords, […]

Good Friday in my Heart

GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear and affright! My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled, My words the words […]

Come Home!

When wintry winds are no more heard, And joy’s in every bosom, When summer sings in every bird, And shines […]

We Never Said Farewell

WE never said farewell, nor even looked Our last upon each other, for no sign Was made when we the […]


Grant me but a day, love, But a day, Ere I give my heart, My heart away, Ere I say […]


The earth that made the rose, She also is thy mother, and not I. The flame wherewith thy maiden spirit […]

Death and the Lady

TURN in, my lord, she said ; As it were the Father of Sin I have hated the Father of […]