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The Star of Australasia

We boast no more of our bloodless flag, that rose from a nation’s slime; Better a shred of a deep-dyed […]

Corny Bill

His old clay pipe stuck in his mouth, His hat pushed from his brow, His dress best fitted for the […]


The schools marched in procession in happiness and pride, The city bands before them, the soldiers marched beside; Oh, starched […]

The Drover’s Sweetheart

An hour before the sun goes down Behind the ragged boughs, I go across the little run And bring the […]

The Cambaroora Star

So you’re writing for a paper? Well, it’s nothing very new To be writing yards of drivel for a tidy […]

Mount Bukaroo

Only one old post is standing Solid yet, but only one Where the milking, and the branding, And the slaughtering […]


It is stuffy in the steerage where the second-classers sleep, For there’s near a hundred for’ard, and they’re stowed away […]

The Shanty On The Rise

When the caravans of wool-teams climbed the ranges from the West, On a spur among the mountains stood ‘The Bullock-drivers’ […]

On The Night Train

Have you seen the bush by moonlight, from the train, go running by? Blackened log and stump and sapling, ghostly […]

Dan, The Wreck

Tall, and stout, and solid-looking, Yet a wreck; None would think Death’s finger’s hooking Him from deck. Cause of half […]

The Ballad Of The Drover

Across the stony ridges, Across the rolling plain, Young Harry Dale, the drover, Comes riding home again. And well his […]

The Shearers Dream

O I dreamt I shore in a shearing shed and it was a dream of joy For every one of […]

Queen Hilda of Virland

PART I Queen Hilda rode along the lines, And she was young and fair; And forward on her shoulders fell […]

Trooper Campbell

One day old Trooper Campbell Rode out to Blackman’s Run, His cap-peak and his sabre Were glancing in the sun. […]

The Bush Girl

So you rode from the range where your brothers “select,” Through the ghostly grey bush in the dawn – You […]


Roll up, Eureka’s heroes, on that grand Old Rush afar, For Lalor’s gone to join you in the big camp […]

Reedy River

Ten miles down Reedy River A pool of water lies, And all the year it mirrors The changes in the […]

The Vagabond

White handkerchiefs wave from the short black pier As we glide to the grand old sea But the song of […]

The Dons of Spain

The Eagle screams at the beck of trade, so Spain, as the world goes round, Must wrestle the right to […]

The Roaring Days

The night too quickly passes And we are growing old, So let us fill our glasses And toast the Days […]

Marshall’s Mate

You almost heard the surface bake, and saw the gum-leaves turn You could have watched the grass scorch brown had […]

The Captain of the Push

As the night was falling slowly down on city, town and bush, From a slum in Jones’s Alley sloped the […]

As far as your Rifles Cover

Do you think, you slaves of a thousand years to poverty, wealth and pride, You can crush the spirit that […]

On the March

So the time seems come at last, And the drums go rolling past, And above them in the sunlight Labour’s […]

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