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Taking His Chance

They stood by the door of the Inn on the Rise; May Carney looked up in the bushranger’s eyes: ‘Oh! […]

The Paroo

It was a week from Christmas-time, As near as I remember, And half a year since, in the rear, We’d […]

The Poets Of The Tomb

The world has had enough of bards who wish that they were dead, ‘Tis time the people passed a law […]

Up The Country

I am back from up the country very sorry that I went Seeking for the Southern poets’ land whereon to […]

Australia’s Peril

We must suffer, husband and father, we must suffer, daughter and son, For the wrong we have taken part in […]

The Flour Bin

By Lawson’s Hill, near Mudgee, On old Eurunderee – The place they called “New Pipeclay”, Where the diggers used to […]

The Ghost

Down the street as I was drifting with the city’s human tide, Came a ghost, and for a moment walked […]

How the Land was Won

The future was dark and the past was dead As they gazed on the sea once more – But a […]

Since Then

I met Jack Ellis in town to-day Jack Ellis my old mate, Jack Ten years ago, from the Castlereagh, We […]

To An Old Mate

Old Mate! In the gusty old weather, When our hopes and our troubles were new, In the years spent in […]

The Tragedy

Oh, I never felt so wretched, and things never looked so blue Since the days I gulped the physic that […]

Black Bonnet

A day of seeming innocence, A glorious sun and sky, And, just above my picket fence, Black Bonnet passing by. […]

In the Street

Where the needle-woman toils Through the night with hand and brain, Till the sickly daylight shudders like a spectre at […]

The Fight at Eureka Stockade

“Was I at Eureka?” His figure was drawn to a youthful height, And a flood of proud recollections made the […]

Republican Pioneers

We’re marching along, we’re gath’ring strong’ We place on our right reliance, We fling in the air, for all who […]

The Wattle

I saw it in the days gone by, When the dead girl lay at rest, And the wattle and the […]


I am back from up the country very sorry that I went Seeking for the Southern poets’ land whereon to […]

Said Grenfell to my Spirit

Said Grenfell to my spirit, “You’ve been writing very free Of the charms of other places, and you don’t remember […]

Freedom on the Wallaby

Australia’s a big country An’ Freedom’s humping bluey, An’ Freedom’s on the wallaby Oh! don’t you hear ‘er cooey? She’s […]

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