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The Wander-Light

And they heard the tent-poles clatter, And the fly in twain was torn – ‘Tis the soiled rag of a […]

Above Eurunderee

There are scenes in the distance where beauty is not, On the desolate flats where gaunt appletrees rot. Where the […]

The Men We Might Have Been

When God’s wrath-cloud is o’er me, Affrighting heart and mind; When days seem dark before me, And days seem black […]

From the Bush

The Channel fog has lifted – And see where we have come! Round all the world we’ve drifted, A hundred […]

Sez You

When the heavy sand is yielding backward from your blistered feet, And across the distant timber you can SEE the […]

The Teams

A cloud of dust on the long white road, And the teams go creeping on Inch by inch with the […]

The Blue Mountains

Above the ashes straight and tall, Through ferns with moisture dripping, I climb beneath the sandstone wall, My feet on […]

The Glass On The Bar

Three bushmen one morning rode up to an inn, And one of them called for the drinks with a grin; […]

Wide Lies Australia

Wide lies Australia! The seas that surround her Flow for her unity – all states in one. Never has Custom […]

Shadows Before

“Like clouds o’er the South are the nations who reign On fair islands that we would command; But clouds that […]

For Australia

Now, with the wars of the world begun, they’ll listen to you and me, Now while the frightened nations run […]

After All

The brooding ghosts of Australian night have gone from the bush and town; My spirit revives in the morning breeze, […]

The League of Nations

Light on the towns and cities, and peace for evermore! The Big Five met in the world’s light as many […]

The Never-Never Country

By homestead, hut, and shearing-shed, By railroad, coach, and track By lonely graves of our brave dead, Up-Country and Out-Back: […]

On the Wallaby

Now the tent poles are rotting, the camp fires are dead, And the possums may gambol in trees overhead; I […]

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