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Cameron’s Heart

The diggings were just in their glory when Alister Cameron came, With recommendations, he told me, from friends and a […]

The City Bushman

It was pleasant up the country, City Bushman, where you went, For you sought the greener patches and you travelled […]

The Loveable Characters

I long for the streets but the Lord knoweth best, For there I am never a saint; There are lovable […]

The Shearers

No church-bell rings them from the Track, No pulpit lights theirblindness ‘Tis hardship, drought, and homelessness That teach those Bushmen […]

A Song of the Republic

Sons of the South, awake! arise! Sons of the South, and do. Banish from under your bonny skies Those old-world […]

Jack Dunn of Nevertire

It chanced upon the very day we’d got the shearing done, A buggy brought a stranger to the West-o’-Sunday Run; […]

Waratah and Wattle

Though poor and in trouble I wander alone, With rebel cockade in my hat, Though friends may desert me, and […]

Wide Spaces

When the man I was denounces all the things that I was not, When the true souls stand like granite, […]

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