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Poems in English

A Poet’s Wooing

I woo’d a woman once, But she was sharper than an eastern wind. Tennyson “What may I do to make […]

A Summer Afternoon

A languid atmosphere, a lazy breeze, With labored respiration, moves the wheat From distant reaches, till the golden seas Break […]


Her hair was, oh, so dense a blur Of darkness, midnight envied her; And stars grew dimmer in the skies […]

A Song of the Road

O I will walk with you, my lad, whichever way you fare, You’ll have me, too, the side o’ you, […]

The Old Times Were the Best

Friends, my heart is half aweary Of its happiness to-night: Though your songs are gay and cheery, And your spirits […]

Knee-Deep in June

Tell you what I like the best ‘Long about knee-deep in June, ‘Bout the time strawberries melts On the vine, […]

The Rival

I so loved once, when Death came by I hid Away my face, And all my sweetheart’s tresses she undid […]

There Was a Cherry-Tree

There was a cherry-tree. Its bloomy snows Cool even now the fevered sight that knows No more its airy visions […]


New Castle, July 4, 1878 Or a hundred years the pulse of time Has throbbed for Liberty; For a hundred […]