English poetry

Poems in English


Hover The imagined center, our tongues Grew long to please it, licking The walls, a chamber built of scent, A […]

Emptying Town

I want to erase your footprints From my walls. Each pillow Is thick with your reasons. Omens Fill the sidewalk […]

Bag Of Mice

I dreamt your suicide note Was scrawled in pencil on a brown paperbag, & in the bag were six baby […]

Cartoon Physics, Part 1

Children under, say, ten, shouldn’t know That the universe is ever-expanding, Inexorably pushing into the vacuum, galaxies Swallowed by galaxies, […]


Bees may be trusted, always, to discover the best, nay, the only Human, solution. Let me cite an instance; an […]

Embrace Noir

I go back to the scene where the two men embrace & grapple a handgun at stomach level between them. […]

Twenty-Pound Stone

It nests in the hollow of my pelvis, I carry it with both hands, as if offering my stomach, as […]