Embrace Noir

I go back to the scene where the two men embrace
& grapple a handgun at stomach level between them.

They jerk around the apartment like that
Holding on to each other, their cheeks

Almost touching. One is shirtless, the other
Wears a suit, the one in the suit came in through a window

To steal documents or diamonds, it doesn’t matter anymore
Which, what’s important is he was found

& someone pulled a gun, and now they are holding on,
Awkwardly dancing through the room, upending

A table of small framed photographs. A chair
Topples, Sinatra’s band punches the air with horns, I

Lean forward, into the screen, they are eye-to-eye,
As stiff as my brother & me when we attempt

To hug. Soon, the gun fires and the music
Quiets, the camera stops tracking and they

Relax, shoulders drop, their jaws go slack
& we are all suspended in that perfect moment

When no one knows who took the bullet
The earth spins below our feet, a blanket of swallows

Changes direction suddenly above us, folding
Into the rafters of a barn, and the two men

No longer struggle, they simply stand in their wreckage
Propped in each other’s arms.

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Embrace Noir