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Poems in English

To Kathleen, after Neruda

As the salmon seeks its mother gravel Through the lying ions of the sea, I seek you. Without your body […]

Last Poem of my 45th Year

I thought of how a whale’s white ribs Could choke the sky’s blue neck, Massive vertebrae half-buried in sand, And […]

A Time to Weep

I suppose you could call me heartless As a dull anvil clanking in a sodden barn, The damp wood too […]

At the Vietnam War Memorial

Black granite stretches its harsh, tapering wings Up to pedestrian-level grass But sucks me down, here, at the intersection of […]

The Obesion

I Before I grew this spacesuit I was trim. I saw it in a doctor’s report: “The subject is an […]

At the Aquarium of the Pacific

I saw a brilliant angelfish whose tail And fins shimmered yellow until it turned And silver spread like an undercoat […]

On the Anthropic Principle

Here at the spoke-ends of our galaxy It is easy to forget the central axle Moving insensibly slow, still The […]

Leaf Sermon

I have been spiritually poisoned By the unclean, in ignorance Blessed their springs. In consequence I withered And drifted down […]

Drug Trial

I Everyone has their own peculiar price, Not quantifiable in currency. When my hypodermic grazed your vein, You confessed yours. […]