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Leaf Sermon

I have been spiritually poisoned
By the unclean, in ignorance
Blessed their springs.
In consequence I withered
And drifted down
From green crown to brown humus,
Thinned to a fishbone pattern
Of cellulose threads.

I washed into a stream
Past stones squirming
With black question marks
Of dragonfly larvae,
Slid through reeds
Into eddying pools
Where I stalled until the rains
Delivered me to the sea.
My last proteins fed the plankton
The humpback swallowed,
Whose song woke me,
The ghost of a ghost of a leaf,
To the shocking green astral body
From which I speak:

You who seek
Thrill without sustenance,
Love without burden,
Light without heat-
Hollow, hollow men,
Tom ‘O Bedlam slim:
Your greatest feat
Is to pull the sheet
From your own faces
Each workaday morning
To avoid being wheeled,
To the refrigerated cases,
Elbows locked in defeat.

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Poem Leaf Sermon - Craig Erick Chaffin