English poetry

Poems in English

Beneath A Mountain's Brow

“Beneath a mountain’s brow, the most remote And inaccessible by Shepherds trod, In a deep cave, dug by no mortals […]

The Country Clown

Bred in distant woods, the clown Brings all his country airs to town; The odd address, with awkward grace, That […]

M'Fingal – Canto II

The Sun, who never stops to dine, Two hours had pass’d the mid-way line, And driving at his usual rate, […]

M'Fingal – Canto III

Now warm with ministerial ire, Fierce sallied forth our loyal ‘Squire, And on his striding steps attends His desperate clan […]

M'Fingal – Canto I

When Yankies, skill’d in martial rule, First put the British troops to school; Instructed them in warlike trade, And new […]

M'Fingal – Canto IV

Now Night came down, and rose full soon That patroness of rogues, the Moon; Beneath whose kind protecting ray, Wolves, […]

To A Young Lady

In vain, fair Maid, you ask in vain, My pen should try th’ advent’rous strain, And following truth’s unalter’d law, […]

To Ladies Of A Certain Age

Ye ancient Maids, who ne’er must prove The early joys of youth and love, Whose names grim Fate (to whom […]

The Owl And The Sparrow

In elder days, in Saturn’s prime, Ere baldness seized the head of Time, While truant Jove, in infant pride, Play’d […]