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Young Love

Come little Infant, Love me now, While thine unsuspected years Clear thine aged Fathers brow From cold Jealousie and Fears. […]

Senec. Traged. Ex Thyeste Chor.2

Translated. Senec. Traged. ex Thyeste Chor.2. Stet quicunque volet potens Aulae culmine lubrico &c. Climb at Court for me that […]

Edmundi Trotii Epitaphium

Charissimo Filio Edmundo Trotio Posuimus Pater & Mater Frustra superstites. Legite Parentes, vanissimus hominum ordo, Figuli Filiorum, Substructores Hominum, Fartores […]


Cernis ut Eio descendat Gemmula Roris, Inque Rosas roseo transfluat orta sinu. Sollicita Flores stant ambitione supini, Et certant foliis […]

The Fair Singer

To make a final conquest of all me, Love did compose so sweet an Enemy, In whom both Beauties to […]

Daphnis And Chloe

Daphnis must from Chloe part: Now is come the dismal Hour That must all his Hopes devour, All his Labour, […]

Music’s Empire

First was the world as one great cymbal made, Where jarring winds to infant Nature played. All music was a […]

Tom May’s Death

As one put drunk into the Packet-boat, Tom May was hurry’d hence and did not know’t. But was amaz’d on […]

Clorinda And Damon

C. Damon come drive thy flocks this way. D. No : ’tis too late they went astray. C. I have […]

The Death of Cromwell

A Poem upon the Death of His Late Highness the Lord Protector That Providence which had so long the care […]


Quisnam adeo, mortale genus, praecordia versat: Heu Palmae, Laurique furor, vel simplicis Herbae! Arbor ut indomitos ornet vix una labores; […]

On A Drop Of Dew

See how the Orient Dew, Shed from the Bosom of the Morn Into the blowing Roses, Yet careless of its […]

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