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Poems in English

Chase Henry

In my life I was the town drunkard; When I died the priest denied me burial In holy ground. The […]

Joseph Dixon

Who carved this shattered harp on my stone? I died to you, no doubt. But how many harps and pianos […]

Henry C. Calhoun

I reached the highest place in Spoon River, But through what bitterness of spirit! The face of my father, sitting […]

Edith Conant

We stand about this place we, the memories; And shade our eyes because we dread to read: “June 17th, 1884, […]

Emily Sparks

Where is my boy, my boy In what far part of the world? The boy I loved best of all […]

Thomas Ross, Jr

This I saw with my own eyes: A cliff-swallow Made her nest in a hole of the high clay-bank There […]

Lambert Hutchins

I have two monuments besides this granite obelisk: One, the house I built on the hill, With its spires, bay […]

Wallace Ferguson

There at Geneva where Mt. Blanc floated above The wine-hued lake like a cloud, when a breeze was blown Out […]

Willie Pennington

They called me the weakling, the simpleton, For my brothers were strong and beautiful, While I, the last child of […]

Samuel Gardner

I who kept the greenhouse, Lover of trees and flowers, Oft in life saw this umbrageous elm, Measuring its generous […]

Oscar Hummel

I staggered on through darkness, There was a hazy sky, a few stars Which I followed as best I could. […]

Lois Spears

Here lies the body of Lois Spears, Born Lois Fluke, daughter of Willard Fluke, Wife of Cyrus Spears, Mother of […]

Imanuel Ehrenhardt

I began with Sir William Hamilton’s lectures. Then studied Dugald Stewart; And then John Locke on the Understanding, And then […]

Knowlt Hoheimer

I was the first fruits of the battle of Missionary Ridge. When I felt the bullet enter my heart I […]

Silas Dement

It was moon-light, and the earth sparkled With new-fallen frost. It was midnight and not a soul abroad. Out of […]

Tennessee Claflin Shope

I was the laughing-stock of the village, Chiefly of the people of good sense, as they call themselves Also of […]

Herman Altman

Did I follow Truth wherever she led, And stand against the whole world for a cause, And uphold the weak […]

John M. Church

I was attorney for the “Q” And the Indemnity Company which insured The owners of the mine. I pulled the […]

Paul McNeely

Dear Jane! dear winsome Jane! How you stole in the room (where I lay so ill) In your nurse’s cap […]

Sersmith the Dentist

Do you think that odes and sermons, And the ringing of church bells, And the blood of old men and […]

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