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Georgine Sand Miner

A step-mother drove me from home, embittering me. A squaw-man, a flaneur and dilettante took my virtue. For years I […]

Deacon Taylor

I belonged to the church, And to the party of prohibition; And the villagers thought I died of eating watermelon. […]

Godwin James

Harry Wilmans! You who fell in a swamp Near Manila, following the flag, You were not wounded by the greatness […]

Frank Drummer

Out of a cell into this darkened space The end at twenty-five! My tongue could not speak what stirred within […]

Mrs. Benjamin Painter

I know that he told how I snared his soul With a snare which bled him to death. And all […]

Seth Compton

When I died, the circulating library Which I built up for Spoon River, And managed for the good of inquiring […]

Ami Green

Not “a youth with hoary head and haggard eye,” But an old man with a smooth skin And black hair! […]

Pauline Barrett

Almost the shell of a woman after the surgeon’s knife! And almost a year to creep back into strength, Till […]

Hon. Henry Bennett

It never came into my mind Until I was ready to die That Jenny had loved me to death, with […]

Flossie Cabanis

From Bindle’s opera house in the village To Broadway is a great step. But I tried to take it, my […]

The Spooniad

[The late Mr. Jonathan Swift Somers, laureate of Spoon River, planned The Spooniad as an epic in twenty-four books, but […]

Widow McFarlane

I was the Widow McFarlane, Weaver of carpets for all the village. And I pity you still at the loom […]

Schroeder the Fisherman

I sat on the bank above Bernadotte And dropped crumbs in the water, Just to see the minnows bump each […]

Arlo Will

Did you ever see an alligator Come up to the air from the mud, Staring blindly under the full glare […]

Blind Jack

I had fiddled all day at the county fair. But driving home “Butch” Weldy and Jack McGuire, Who were roaring […]

Harold Arnett

I leaned against the mantel, sick, sick, Thinking of my failure, looking into the abysm, Weak from the noon-day heat. […]

Shack Dye

The white men played all sorts of jokes on me. They took big fish off my hook And put little […]

Charles Webster

The pine woods on the hill, And the farmhouse miles away, Showed clear as though behind a lens Under a […]

Enoch Dunlap

How many times, during the twenty years I was your leader, friends of Spoon River, Did you neglect the convention […]

Abel Melveny

I bought every kind of machine that’s known Grinders, shellers, planters, mowers, Mills and rakes and ploughs and threshers And […]

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