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Jeduthan Hawley

There would be a knock at the door And I would arise at midnight and go to the shop, Where […]

Oaks Tutt

My mother was for woman’s rights And my father was the rich miller at London Mills. I dreamed of the […]

Doctor Meyers

No other man, unless it was Doc Hill, Did more for people in this town than l. And all the […]

Magrady Graham

Tell me, was Altgeld elected Governor? For when the returns began to come in And Cleveland was sweeping the East, […]

Trainor the Druggist

Only the chemist can tell, and not always the chemist, What will result from compounding Fluids or solids. And who […]

Voltaire Johnson

Why did you bruise me with your rough places If you did not want me to tell you about them? […]

Dippold the Optician

What do you see now? Globes of red, yellow, purple. Just a moment! And now? My father and mother and […]

Ippolit Konovaloff

I was a gun-smith in Odessa. One night the police broke in the room Where a group of us were […]

Editor Whedon

To be able to see every side of every question; To be on every side, to be everything, to be […]

Anne Rutledge

Out of me unworthy and unknown The vibrations of deathless music; ‘With malice toward none, with charity for all.’ Out […]

Elizabeth Childers

Dust of my dust, And dust with my dust, O, child who died as you entered the world, Dead with […]

Jonathan Swift Somers

After you have enriched your soul To the highest point, With books, thought, suffering, the understanding of many personalities, The […]

Mrs. Williams

I was the milliner Talked about, lied about, Mother of Dora, Whose strange disappearance Was charged to her rearing. My […]

Russian Sonia

I, born in Weimar Of a mother who was French And German father, a most learned professor, Orphaned at fourteen […]

Nancy Knapp

Well, don’t you see this was the way of it: We bought the farm with what he inherited, And his […]

Robert Fulton Tanner

If a man could bite the giant hand That catchs and destroys him, As I was bitten by a rat […]

Felix Schmidt

It was only a little house of two rooms Almost like a child’s play-house With scarce five acres of ground […]

Roscoe Purkapile

She loved me. Oh! how she loved me! I never had a chance to escape From the day she first […]

Indignation Jones

You would not believe, would you That I came from good Welsh stock? That I was purer blooded than the […]

Harlan Sewall

You never understood, O unknown one, Why it was I repaid Your devoted friendship and delicate ministrations First with diminished […]

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