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Poems in English

Zenas Witt

I was sixteen, and I had the most terrible dreams, And specks before my eyes, and nervous weakness. And I […]

Dr. Siegfried Iseman

I said when they handed me my diploma, I said to myself I will be good And wise and brave […]

Mrs. George Reece

To this generation I would say: Memorize some bit of verse of truth or beauty. It may serve a turn […]

Lilian Stewart

I was the daughter of Lambert Hutchins, Born in a cottage near the grist-mill, Reared in the mansion there on […]

Marie Bateson

You observe the carven hand With the index finger pointing heavenward. That is the direction, no doubt. But how shall […]

William H. Herndon

There by the window in the old house Perched on the bluff, overlooking miles of valley, My days of labor […]

Lydia Puckett

Knowlt Hoheimer ran away to the war The day before Curl Trenary Swore out a warrant through Justice Arnett For […]

Butch Weldy

After I got religion and steadied down They gave me a job in the canning works, And every morning I […]

Thomas Trevelyan

Reading in Ovid the sorrowful story of Itys, Son of the love of Tereus and Procne, slain For the guilty […]

Dow Kritt

Samuel is forever talking of his elm But I did not need to die to learn about roots: I, who […]

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