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State's Attorney Fallas

I, the scourge-wielder, balance-wrecker, Smiter with whips and swords; I, hater of the breakers of the law; I, legalist, inexorable […]

William and Emily

There is something about Death Like love itself! If with some one with whom you have known passion, And the […]

Rebecca Wasson

Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter and Spring, After each other drifting, past my window drifting! And I lay so […]

Lucius Atherton

When my moustache curled, And my hair was black, And I wore tight trousers And a diamond stud, I was […]

Ernest Hyde

My mind was a mirror: It saw what it saw, it knew what it knew. In youth my mind was […]

The Circuit Judge

Take note, passers-by, of the sharp erosions Eaten in my head-stone by the wind and rain Almost as if an […]

Fiddler Jones

The earth keeps some vibration going There in your heart, and that is you. And if the people find you […]

Jennie M'Grew

Not, where the stairway turns in the dark, A hooded figure, shriveled under a flowing cloak! Not yellow eyes in […]

Hare Drummer

Do the boys and girls still go to Siever’s For cider, after school, in late September? Or gather hazel nuts […]

Julian Scott

Toward the last The truth of others was untruth to me; The justice of others injustice to me; Their reasons […]

Elmer Karr

What but the love of God could have softened And made forgiving the people of Spoon River Toward me who […]

Francis Turner

I could not run or play In boyhood. In manhood I could only sip the cup, Not drink For scarlet-fever […]

Eugenia Todd

Have any of you, passers-by, Had an old tooth that was an unceasing discomfort? Or a pain in the side […]

Tom Beatty

I was a lawyer like Harmon Whitney Or Kinsey Keene or Garrison Standard, For I tried the rights of property, […]

Sarah Brown

Maurice, weep not, I am not here under this pine tree. The balmy air of spring whispers through the sweet […]

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