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Die in shame!

You hide your face in shame, But I can see your private parts, Have you no contrition, To expose yourself, […]

The Bombay Train Song

He hangs on dangling handholds As the train sways and careens Endless nondescript buildings unfold Their secrets as the tired […]

To an Online Friend

May be the whole thing was a dream, Pinched myself awake this morn, To check if you are there, virtually, […]

Being Me!

Wild are my ways, wilder than you think You will find me standing a little left of frame You will […]


Resolutions I have made, Kept, I have none, Why do I have to make, Resolutions anymore? I pause through endless […]

Sonnet for Mother

Decked in blooms, Swaddled in gold filigreed shrouds, Smeared with perfumes, She traveled into the clouds. A life of love […]

Is White a Color?

White, pristine, unblemished They say it is not a color I love white mists, clouds Lingering on blue mountains. White, […]

Delhi – A Re-visitation

It’s akin to visiting my foster mother, today, That I am returning to you, mother city, after twenty years, I […]

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