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Time Stands Still over Govandi Station

A kite flutters,
On a high tension wire –
Against a stark blue sky.
Beggar and old mother huddle
On Govandi Railway Station –
The dirtiest station in the universe.

He shows her a plastic watch,
Smiles, “See I have time,”
She, old, gnarled, wrinkled,
Looks through beady eyes,
“I have no need for time.”

Children toss rubber ball –
In cricketing passion.
Jagged slum roofs puncture the sky,
Open drain stinks.

Mother and son –
Hungry, disowned, dispossessed –
Govandi platform is home.
A plastic bag, clothes muddy brown,
He extends a hand,
A black plastic watch on wrist,
“God will do miracles,
Give this man a meal.”

The kite flutters;
Time stands still over Govandi Station.

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Poem Time Stands Still over Govandi Station - John Matthew