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In A Bed Of Baked Beans (Part Two)

In A Bed Of Baked Beans (Part Two)

a soft wind through an LA window
A goddess of a promised life
Transparent on the other side
Begs me to follow her

From a back room in San Gabriel
To a glamorous flat in Burlington
And a frayed Red Sox banner
Watch your mouth, we’ll censor you
We’re on the payroll now
Yesterday’s guts and sweat are gone

Did you bring plastic cups?
Life is short, we’re a bit slower
Crunching numbers, looking for the
Profit, it doesn’t include
You, just some groomed mice

Our specialty, blacken catfish
In a bed of baked beans
Do they look thirsty?
Their eyeballs are watching you

Ghost of the Massachusetts
And the clank of homeless bots.

Poem In A Bed Of Baked Beans (Part Two) - R George