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The beans were exciting

I tried cooking in my new Quicksilver jacket, just
An affectation I assure you – no, not the coat
Or the cooking but me in the wearing of it,
A form of warped appreciation, and when I think
Of it the gag was truly fitting; it wasn’t new,
A barely used waterproof surfers’ jacket bought
At the Market for five dollars, zippered, hooded
And lined for the worst possible weather, not
Really a substitute for the chef’s tunic, however
I found it warm and reassuring with its huge
Embroidered logo on the back, like a newly doffed
Personality, approved, well-used, somehow inviting,
And thus appropriate for an innovative recipe of zesty
Beans and cheese with ginger and yogurt.
Like my wearing the jacket the beans were exciting.

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Poem The beans were exciting - Ivan Donn Carswell