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Fountain of your rise

Michelle, the thought of you confused or under siege
Bereaves us; you, the cheerful heart who waged a
Silent war for lost, egregious souls whose thanks
Deserted you should never be constrained, should never
Need to grieve in anxious pain or ever cede to grieve alone.

Michelle, you gave without restraint, the light was
Grown brighter by your sacrifice and even though
You managed to avoid the centre glow the light was
Quite enough to keep the shadows of another night
At bay, until today. We knew so little of the troubled way.

Michelle, the zesty core you’ve kept proscribed will essence
Out, your psyche has rebelled and shouts the epithets of
Trenchant self, a new and lively eminence is just about
To soar in anxious skies; it is a resurrection of your inner
Power and no demise, the natal fountain of your rise.

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Poem Fountain of your rise - Ivan Donn Carswell