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Love And Death

Shall we, too, rise forgetful from our sleep, And shall my soul that lies within your hand Remember nothing, as […]


Oh, because you never tried To bow my will or break my pride, And nothing of the cave-man made You […]

It Will Not Change

It will not change now After so many years; Life has not broken it With parting or tears; Death will […]

Spring Rain

I thought I had forgotten, But it all came back again To-night with the first spring thunder In a rush […]


If I should see your eyes again, I know how far their look would go Back to a morning in […]


I was a queen, and I have lost my crown; A wife, and I have broken all my vows; A […]


If I could have your arms tonight- But half the world and the broken sea Lie between you and me. […]

But Not To Me

The April night is still and sweet With flowers on every tree; Peace comes to them on quiet feet, But […]