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Mount Houvenkopf

Serene he stands, with mist serenely crowned, And draws a cloak of trees about his breast. The thunder roars but […]


A few long-hoarded pennies in his hand Behold him stand; A kilted Hedonist, perplexed and sad. The joy that once […]


(For Sara Teasdale) The lonely farm, the crowded street, The palace and the slum, Give welcome to my silent feet […]

To Certain Poets

Now is the rhymer’s honest trade A thing for scornful laughter made. The merchant’s sneer, the clerk’s disdain, These are […]


(For Aline) Homer, they tell us, was blind and could not see the beautiful Faces Looking up into his own […]


(For Katherine Bregy) I went to gather roses and twine them in a ring, For I would make a posy, […]

The Snowman in the Yard

(For Thomas Augustine Daly) The Judge’s house has a splendid porch, with pillars And steps of stone, And the Judge […]

Citizen of the World

No longer of Him be it said “He hath no place to lay His head.” In every land a constant […]


(For Aline) When you shall die and to the sky Serenely, delicately go, Saint Peter, when he sees you there, […]

The Twelve-Forty-Five

(For Edward J. Wheeler) Within the Jersey City shed The engine coughs and shakes its head, The smoke, a plume […]

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