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Alarm Clocks

When Dawn strides out to wake a dewy farm Across green fields and yellow hills of hay The little twittering […]

The Fourth Shepherd

(For Thomas Walsh) I On nights like this the huddled sheep Are like white clouds upon the grass, And merry […]


(For the Rev. James B. Dollard) The Kings of the earth are men of might, And cities are burned for […]

Dave Lilly

There’s a brook on the side of Greylock that used To be full of trout, But there’s nothing there now […]

Memorial Day

“Dulce et decorum est” The bugle echoes shrill and sweet, But not of war it sings to-day. The road is […]

The Big Top

The boom and blare of the big brass band is cheering To my heart And I like the smell of […]


Vain is the chiming of forgotten bells That the wind sways above a ruined shrine. Vainer his voice in whom […]


(For Eleanor Rogers Cox) For blows on the fort of evil That never shows a breach, For terrible life-long races […]

The Robe of Christ

(For Cecil Chesterton) At the foot of the Cross on Calvary Three soldiers sat and diced, And one of them […]


(For Mrs. Henry Mills Alden) I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree […]

Mid-ocean in War-time

(For My Mother) The fragile splendour of the level sea, The moon’s serene and silver-veiled face, Make of this vessel […]

The Proud Poet

(For Shaemas O Sheel) One winter night a Devil came and sat upon my bed, His eyes were full of […]

Easter Week

(In memory of Joseph Mary Plunkett) (“Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone, It’s with O’Leary in the grave.”) William Butler Yeats. […]


(For Aline) From what old ballad, or from what rich frame Did you descend to glorify the earth? Was it […]

A Blue Valentine

(For Aline) Monsignore, Right Reverend Bishop Valentinus, Sometime of Interamna, which is called Ferni, Now of the delightful Court of […]


(For Amelia Josephine Burr) The road is wide and the stars are out And the breath of the night is […]

The Thorn

(For the Rev. Charles L. O’Donnell, C. S. C.) The garden of God is a radiant place, And every flower […]

Lionel Johnson

(For the Rev. John J. Burke, C. S. P.) There was a murkier tinge in London’s air As if the […]

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