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This was the gods’ god, The leashed divinity, Divine divining rod And Me within the me. By mindlight tower and […]

The Return of Persephone

Gliding through the still air, he made no sound; Wing-shod and deft, dropped almost at her feet, And searched the […]


When, darkly brooding on this Modern Age, The journalist with his marketable woes Fills up once more the inevitable page […]

Crossing the Frontier

Crossing the frontier they were stopped in time, Told, quite politely, they would have to wait: Passports in order, nothing […]


A Nation of trees, drab green and desolate grey In the field uniform of modern wars, Darkens her hills, those […]

The Pleasure of Princes

What pleasures have great princes? These: to know Themselves reputed mad with pride or power; To speak few words few […]

The Gateway

Now the heart sings with all its thousand voices To hear this city of cells, my body, sing. The tree […]

The School of Night

What did I study in your School of Night? When your mouth’s first unfathomable yes Opened your body to be […]

Meditation on a Bone

A piece of bone, found at Trondhjem in 1901, with the following runic inscription (about A. D. 1050) cut on […]

Death of the Bird

For every bird there is this last migration; Once more the cooling year kindles her heart; With a warm passage […]

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