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At Baia

I should have thought In a dream you would have brought Some lovely, perilous thing, Orchids piled in a great […]

Stars Wheel in Purple

Stars wheel in purple, yours is not so rare As Hesperus, nor yet so great a star As bright Aldeboran […]

Sheltered Garden

I have had enough. I gasp for breath. Every way ends, every road, Every foot-path leads at last To the […]


O Hymen king. Hymen, O Hymen king, What bitter thing is this? What shaft, tearing my heart? What scar, what […]

From Citron-Bower

From citron-bower be her bed, Cut from branch of tree a-flower, Fashioned for her maidenhead. From Lydian apples, sweet of […]


I first tasted under Apollo’s lips, Love and love sweetness, I, Evadne; My hair is made of crisp violets Or […]

Pear Tree

Silver dust Lifted from the earth, Higher than my arms reach, You have mounted. O silver, Higher than my arms […]


Can we believe by an effort Comfort our hearts: It is not waste all this, Not placed here in disgust, […]

Sea Poppies

Amber husk Fluted with gold, Fruit on the sand Marked with a rich grain, Treasure Spilled near the shrub-pines To […]

At Ithaca

Over and back, The long waves crawl And track the sand with foam; Night darkens, and the sea Takes on […]


All Greece hates The still eyes in the white face, The lustre as of olives Where she stands, And the […]

The Mysteries Remain

The mysteries remain, I keep the same Cycle of seed-time And of sun and rain; Demeter in the grass, I […]

Wash of Cold River

Wash of cold river In a glacial land, Ionian water, Chill, snow-ribbed sand, Drift of rare flowers, Clear, with delicate […]


O wind, rend open the heat, Cut apart the heat, Rend it to tatters. Fruit cannot drop Through this thick […]


Bear me to Dictaeus, And to the steep slopes; To the river Erymanthus. I choose spray of dittany, Cyperum, frail […]

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