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At Baia

I should have thought
In a dream you would have brought
Some lovely, perilous thing,
Orchids piled in a great sheath,
As who would say (in a dream),
“I send you this,
Who left the blue veins
Of your throat unkissed.”

Why was it that your hands
(that never took mine),
Your hands that I could see
Drift over the orchid-heads
So carefully,
Your hands, so fragile, sure to lift
So gently, the fragile flower-stuff
Ah, ah, how was it

You never sent (in a dream)
The very form, the very scent,
Not heavy, not sensuous,
But perilous perilous
Of orchids, piled in a great sheath,
And folded underneath on a bright scroll,
Some word:

“Flower sent to flower;
For white hands, the lesser white,
Less lovely of flower-leaf,”


“Lover to lover, no kiss,
No touch, but forever and ever this.”

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Poem At Baia - Hilda Doolittle