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C. L. M

IN the dark womb where I began My mother’s life made me a man. Through all the months of human […]

The Island of Skyros

Here, where we stood together, we three men, Before the war had swept us to the East Three thousand miles […]

Trade Winds

IN the harbor, in the island, in the Spanish Seas, Are the tiny white houses and the orange trees, And […]

Lollingdon Downs VIII

THE Kings go by with jewled crowns; Their horses gleam, their banners shake, their spears are many. The sack of […]

The West Wind

IT’S a warm wind, the west wind, full of birds’ cries; I never hear the west wind but tears are […]

The Seekers

FRIENDS and loves we have none, nor wealth nor blessed abode, But the hope of the City of God at […]

Tewkesbury Road

IT is good to be out on the road, and going one knows not where, Going through meadow and village, […]


ONE road leads to London, One road leads to Wales, My road leads me seawards To the white dipping sails. […]

A Creed

I HOLD that when a person dies His soul returns again to earth; Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise Another mother […]

The Wanderer

ALL day they loitered by the resting ships, Telling their beauties over, taking stock; At night the verdict left my […]

A Ballad of John Silver

We were schooner-rigged and rakish, With a long and lissome hull, And we flew the pretty colours of the crossbones […]

The Passing Strange

Out of the earth to rest or range Perpetual in perpetual change, The unknown passing through the strange. Water and […]

The Yarn of the Loch Achray

The Loch Achray was a clipper tall With seven-and-twenty hands in all. Twenty to hand and reef and haul, A […]


QUINQUIREME of Nineveh from distant Ophir, Rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine, With a cargo of ivory, And apes […]

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