English poetry

Poems in English


The drop seeps whole From boulder-lichen Or ledge moss and drops, Joining, to trickle, Run, fall, dash, Sprawl in held […]

Rogue Elephant

The reason to be autonomous is to stand there, A cleared instrument, ready to act, to search The moral realm […]


You think the ridge hills flowing, breaking With ups and downs will, though, Building constancy into the black foreground For […]


1) An individual spider web Identifies a species: An order of instinct prevails through all accidents of circumstance, though possibility […]

Mule Song

Silver will lie where she lies Sun-out, whatever turning the world does, Longeared in her ashen, earless, Floating world: Indifferent […]

So I Said I Am Ezra

So I said I am Ezra And the wind whipped my throat Gaming for the sounds of my voice I […]

After Yesterday

After yesterday Afternoon’s blue Clouds and white rain The mockingbird In the backyard Untied the drops from Leaves and twigs […]

Gravelly Run

I don’t know somehow it seems sufficient To see and hear whatever coming and going is, Losing the self to […]


All afternoon The tree shadows, accelerating, Lengthened Till Sunset Shot them black into infinity: Next morning Darkness Returned from the […]

The City Limits

When you consider the radiance, that it does not withhold Itself but pours its abundance without selection into every Nook […]


I know if I find you I will have to leave the earth And go on out over the sea […]


It was May before my Attention came To spring and My word I said To the southern slopes I’ve Missed […]


I look for the way Things will turn Out spiralling from a center, The shape Things will take to come […]