In Memoriam Mae Noblitt

This is just a place:
We go around, distanced,
Yearly in a star’s

Atmosphere, turning
Daily into and out of
Direct light and

Slanting through the
Quadrant seasons: deep
Space begins at our

Heels, nearly rousing
Us loose: we look up
Or out so high, sight’s

Silk almost draws us away:
This is just a place:
Currents worry themselves

Coiled and free in airs
And oceans: water picks
Up mineral shadow and

Plasm into billions of
Designs, frames: trees,
Grains, bacteria: but

Is love a reality we
Made here ourselves
And grief did we design

That or do these,
Like currents, whine
In and out among us merely

As we arrive and go:
This is just a place:
The reality we agree with,

That agrees with us,
Outbounding this, arrives
To touch, joining with

Us from far away:
Our home which defines
Us is elsewhere but not

So far away we have
Forgotten it:
This is just a place.

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In Memoriam Mae Noblitt