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Poems in English

I, or Someone Like Me

In a wilderness, in some orchestral swing Through trees, with a wind playing all the high notes, And the prospect […]

The Self and the Mulberry

I wanted to see the self, so I looked at the mulberry. It had no trouble accepting its limits, Yet […]

He Said To

crawl toward the machine guns Except to freeze For explosions and flares. It was still ninety degrees At night in […]


I leave the office, take the stairs, In time to mail a letter Before 3 in the afternoon the last […]

These Green-Going-to-Yellow

This year, I’m raising the emotional ante, Putting my face In the leaves to be stepped on, Seeing myself among […]

To Dorothy

You are not beautiful, exactly. You are beautiful, inexactly. You let a weed grow by the mulberry And a mulberry […]


Gray rainwater lay on the grass in the late afternoon. The carp lay on the bottom, resting, while dusk took […]