English poetry

Poems in English

Rhythm of Life

The clock is silent Nowadays clocks no longer Need to make That rhythmic sound of life. We have moved on […]

Small Breaths

No matter that my heart sinks, Sighs, with the weight of skeletons- Paths I forgot to follow Have slowly sealed […]

Sleeping in Blue

I lean into you, We bury down In the dunes The breeze holds Like a whisper You stroke my brown […]

Indian Summer

Like a deep blue wave Of passion You shore into the room Where I sit waiting quietly, Open-booked. We have […]

The Letters

I wonder if You keep the letters still, Spidery and blotted Now, like old days Just withered away. I remember […]


We never really slept, Just buried clocks In the sanctuary Of night Every time I moved You moved with me, […]