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The Goose Fish

On the long shore, lit by the moon To show them properly alone, Two lovers suddenly embraced So that their […]

Insomnia I

Some nights it’s bound to be your best way out, When nightmare is the short end of the stick, When […]

Ozymandias II

I met a guy I used to know, who said: “You take your ’57 Karnak, now, The model that they […]


You know the old story Ann Landers tells About the houseife in her basement doing the wash? She’s wearing her […]

The Dependencies

This morning, between two branches of a tree Beside the door, epeira once again Has spun and signed his tapestry […]

Storm Windows

People are putting up storm windows now, Or were, this morning, until the heavy rain Drove them indoors. So, coming […]

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