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The Investment

Over back where they speak of life as staying (‘You couldn’t call it living, for it ain’t’), There was an […]


Where had I heard this wind before Change like this to a deeper roar? What would it take my standing […]


When the spent sun throws up its rays on cloud And goes down burning into the gulf below, No voice […]

To the Thawing Wind

COME with rain. O loud Southwester! Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream; Make the […]


The three stood listening to a fresh access Of wind that caught against the house a moment, Gulped snow, and […]

Sand Dunes

Sea waves are green and wet, But up from where they die, Rise others vaster yet, And those are brown […]

Tree At My Window

Tree at my window, window tree, My sash is lowered when night comes on; But let there never be curtain […]

The Demiurge’s Laugh

It was far in the sameness of the wood; I was running with joy on the Demon’s trail, Though I […]

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