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Poems in English

The Fear

A lantern light from deeper in the barn Shone on a man and woman in the door And threw their […]

The Cow In Apple-Time

Something inspires the only cow of late To make no more of a wall than an open gate, And think […]

The Vantage Point

If tired of trees I seek again mankind, Well I know where to hie me in the dawn, To a […]

Place for a Third

Nothing to say to all those marriages! She had made three herself to three of his. The score was even […]

The Lockless Door

It went many years, But at last came a knock, And I though of the door With no lock to […]

The Code

There were three in the meadow by the brook Gathering up windrows, piling cocks of hay, With an eye always […]


The battle rent a cobweb diamond-strung And cut a flower beside a ground bird’s nest Before it stained a single […]


There was never a sound beside the wood but one, And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground. […]

Come In

As I came to the edge of the woods, Thrush music hark! Now if it was dusk outside, Inside it […]

A Girl’s Garden

A NEIGHBOR of mine in the village Likes to tell how one spring When she was a girl on the […]

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