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Why Washington Retreated

1775 Said Congress to George Washington: “To set this country free, You’ll have to whip the Britishers And chase them […]


Soft was the night, the eve how airy, When through the big, fat dictionary I wandered on in careless ease, […]


I hold her letter as I stand, Nor break the seal; no need to guess What dainty little female hand […]

The Ballad Of A Bachelor

Listen, ladies, while I sing The ballad of John Henry King. John Henry was a bachelor, His age was thirty-three […]

The Sheep

The Sheep adorns the landscape rural And is both singular and plural- It gives grammarians the creeps To hear one […]

A Study In Feeling

To be a great musician you must be a man of moods, You have to be, to understand sonatas and […]


The forest holds high carnival to-day, And every hill-side glows with gold and fire; Ivy and sumac dress in colors […]

Night In The City

The sluggish clouds hang low upon the town, And from yon lamp in chilled and sodden rays The feeble light […]

Judgment Day

Saint Peter stood, at Heaven’s gate, All souls claims to adjudicate Saying to some souls, “Enter in!” “Go to Hell,” […]

Jabed Meeker, Humorist

Twain? Oh, yes, I’ve heard Mark Twain Heard him down to Pleasant Plain; Funny? Yes, I guess so. Folks Seemed […]

Why I Went To The Foot

Was ever a maiden so worried? I’ll admit I am partial to Jim, For Jimmie has promised to wed me […]

Golden Silence

I told her I loved her and begged but a word, One dear little word, that would be For me […]

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