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When Cupid held an auction sale, I hastened to his mart, For I had heard that he would sell The […]

To Phyllis And May

O! fair, sweet Phyllis and sweet, fair May, Which of you carried my heart away? Who has my heart? I […]

To May

I have no heart to write verses to May; I have no heart-yet I’m cheerful today; I have no heart-she […]


When Love and I drew softly nigh And gazed in modest Chloe’s eye We saw reflected there in part The […]

Speaking Of Operations

I know something wonderful-wonderful; So strange it will quite startle you; So strange and absurd and unusual It seems it […]

The Rich Boy’s Christmas

And now behold this sulking boy, His costly presents bring no joy; Harsh tears of anger fill his eye Tho’ […]

A Satisfactory Reform

A merry burgomaster In a burgh upon the Rhine Said, “Our burghers all are Far too fond of drinking wine.” […]

At Variance

When with me the play she goes, I much admire the buds and bows And all that on Kate’s headgear […]

Circumstantial Evidence

She does not mind a good cigar (The kind, that is, I smoke); She thinks all men quite stupid are, […]

A Lost Angel

When first we met she seemed so white I feared her; As one might near a spirit bright I neared […]

To Marguerite

So great my debt to thee, I know my life Is all too short to pay the least I owe, […]

Bird Nesting

O wonderful! In sport we climbed the tree, Eager and laughing, as in all our play, To see the eggs […]

The Hunter

A full-fledged gun cannot endure The trifling of an amateur; Poor marksmanship its temper spoils And this is why the […]

A Pastoral

Just as the sun was setting Back of the Western hills Grandfather stood by the window Eating the last of […]

To G. M. W. And G. F. W

Whenas-(I love that “whenas” word- It shows I am a poet, too,) Q. Horace Flaccus gaily stirred The welkin with […]

The Daughter Of The Year

Nature, when she made thee, dear, Begged the treasures of the year. For thy cheeks, all pink and white, Spring […]

How’d You Like It?

Well, then! How’d you like to bear the name of Butler As an honor badge eight centuries at least, And […]

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