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The Daughter Of The Year

Nature, when she made thee, dear, Begged the treasures of the year. For thy cheeks, all pink and white, Spring […]

How’d You Like It?

Well, then! How’d you like to bear the name of Butler As an honor badge eight centuries at least, And […]

The Wood Nymph

A glint of her hair or a flash of her shoulder – That is the most I can boast to […]

Womanly Qualms

When I go rowing on the lake, I long to be a man; I’ll give my Sunday frock to have […]

No Beer, No Work

The shades of night was fallin’ slow As through New York a guy did go And nail on ev’ry barroom […]

Would You Believe It?

One year ago I wished that I A banker great might be With a hundred million dollars And financial majesty; […]

Song For Heroes

Captain O’Hare was a mariner brave; He refused to abandon his ship; A hero, he sleeps in a watery grave- […]

The Cut Finger

THE GOSSOON [Weeping] It’s bleedin’! It’s bleedin’! THE OULD WOMAN [Soothingly] An’ shure, me lad, ‘t is bleedin’; But come, […]

When Ida Puts Her Armor On

The Cowboy had a sterling heart, The Maiden was from Boston, The Rancher saw his wealth depart- The Steers were […]


The great millennium is at hand. Redder apples grow on the tree. A saxophone is in ev’ry band. Brandy no […]

To Lovers

Ho, ye lovers, list to me; Warning words have I for thee: Give ye heed, hefore ye wed, To this […]

A Minute

She plucked a blossom fair to see; Upon my coat I let her pin it; And thus we stood beneath […]

The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay

You have heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay That was built in such a logical way It ran a hundred […]

Reasonable Interest

I want to know how Bernard Shaw Likes beefsteak-fairly done, or raw? I want to know what kinds of shoes […]

A Question

Whene’er I feed the barnyard folk My gentle soul is vexed; My sensibilities are torn And I am sore perplexed. […]

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