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A Minute

She plucked a blossom fair to see; Upon my coat I let her pin it; And thus we stood beneath […]

The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay

You have heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay That was built in such a logical way It ran a hundred […]

Reasonable Interest

I want to know how Bernard Shaw Likes beefsteak-fairly done, or raw? I want to know what kinds of shoes […]

A Question

Whene’er I feed the barnyard folk My gentle soul is vexed; My sensibilities are torn And I am sore perplexed. […]

Ridden Down

When I taught Ida how to ride a Bicycle that night, I ran beside her, just to guide her Erring […]

New England Magazine

Upon Bottle Miche the autre day While yet the nuit was early, Je met a homme whose barbe was grey, […]

The Golf Walk

Behold, my child, this touching scene, The golfer on the golfing-green; Pray mark his legs’ uncanny swing, The golf-walk is […]

The Final Tax

Said Statesman A to Statesman Z: “What can we tax that is not paying? We’re taxing every blessed thing- Here’s […]


Love took chambers on our street Opposite to mine; On his door he tacked a neat, Clearly lettered sign. Straightway […]

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