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My Voice

Within this restless, hurried, modern world We took our hearts’ full pleasure – You and I, And now the white […]


(To Sarah Bernhardt) How vain and dull this common world must seem To such a One as thou, who should’st […]


Under the rose-tree’s dancing shade There stands a little ivory girl, Pulling the leaves of pink and pearl With pale […]

Ave Imperatrix

Set in this stormy Northern sea, Queen of these restless fields of tide, England! what shall men say of thee, […]

Santa Decca

The Gods are dead: no longer do we bring To grey-eyed Pallas crowns of olive-leaves! Demeter’s child no more hath […]

Amor Intellectualis

Oft have we trod the vales of Castaly And heard sweet notes of sylvan music blown From antique reeds to […]


A white mist drifts across the shrouds, A wild moon in this wintry sky Gleams like an angry lion’s eye […]


Rome! what a scroll of History thine has been; In the first days thy sword republican Ruled the whole world […]

Roses And Rue

(To L. L.) Could we dig up this long-buried treasure, Were it worth the pleasure, We never could learn love’s […]

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