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Dream Song 66: 'All virtues enter into this world:')

‘All virtues enter into this world:’)
A Buddhist, doused in the street, serenely burned.
The Secretary of State for War,
Winking it over, screwed a redhaired whore.
Monsignor Capovilla mourned. What a week.
A journalism doggy took a leak

Against absconding coon (‘but take one virtue,
Without which a man can hardly hold his own’)
The sun in the willow
Shivers itself & shakes itself green-yellow
(Abba Pimen groaned, over the telephone,
When asked what that was:)

How feel a fellow then when he arrive
In fame but lost? but affable, top-shelf.
Quelle sad semaine.
He hardly know his selving. (‘that a man’)
Henry grew hot, got laid, felt bad, survived
(‘should always reproach himself’.

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Poem Dream Song 66: 'All virtues enter into this world:') - John Berryman