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Sonnet LXXXV

THe world that cannot deeme of worthy things,
When I doe praise her, say I doe but flatter:
So does the Cuckow, when the Mauis sings,
Begin his witlesse note apace to clatter.
But they that skill not of so heauenly matter,
All that they know not, enuy or admyre,
Rather then enuy let them wonder at her,
But not to deeme of her desert aspyre.
Deepe in the closet of my parts entyre,
Her worth is written with a golden quill:
That me with heauenly fury doth inspire,
And my glad mouth with her sweet prayses fill.
Which when as fame in her shrill trump shal thunder
Let the world chose to enuy or to wonder.

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Poem Sonnet LXXXV - Edmund Spenser