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Simple pleasures that you bring

Do you mind if I write a few lines for you tonight?
I’m fuelled for sure, perhaps a bit ebullient,
(now there’s a rhyme that will be hard to find
A word to suit!) I’ll try, but time will surely take
A pensive break and provide a chance to make
A consequence. Am I afraid of you?
Why yes, what else could I be?
You are a figment from a past I never knew,
A past as brilliant as a sun that never sets,
Connecting parts of histories compressed
With gentle ease complete into today,
A past in which my son will bask in eminence,
A past which now has never passed. And if I ever
Asked a chance to greet the making of your graciousness
I was never placed to make the meeting, I take
Instead the simple pleasures that you bring
And place them where the treasured offerings are
Placed, amongst the rings and ribbons, with the
Trinkets lying there, with the things I yearn
To share of childhood memories or words or deeds
That reach us in our daily lives, in poetry and melody,
Consummate in harmony to say I care.
I never dared to lend my heart before, my head
Was always offered up instead.
And now you join our family, we welcome you
With open arms, our hearts disarmed
In greeting, it is a magic meeting
Of a past we never knew,
Of parts uniting in a golden glow
A past that’s now enshrined in you.

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Poem Simple pleasures that you bring - Ivan Donn Carswell