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Or from that Sea of Time

OR, from that Sea of Time,
Spray, blown by the wind-a double winrow-drift of weeds and shells;
(O little shells, so curious-convolute! so limpid-cold and voiceless!
Yet will you not, to the tympans of temples held,
Murmurs and echoes still bring up-Eternity’s music, faint and far,
Wafted inland, sent from Atlantica’s rim-strains for the Soul of the Prairies,
Whisper’d reverberations-chords for the ear of the West, joyously sounding
Your tidings old, yet ever new and untranslatable;)
Infinitessimals out of my life, and many a life,
(For not my life and years alone I give-all, all I give;)
These thoughts and Songs-waifs from the deep-here, cast high and dry,
Wash’d on America’s shores.

Currents of starting a Continent new,
Overtures sent to the solid out of the liquid,
Fusion of ocean and land-tender and pensive waves,
(Not safe and peaceful only-waves rous’d and ominous too.
Out of the depths, the storm’s abysms-Who knows whence? Death’s waves,
Raging over the vast, with many a broken spar and tatter’d sail.)

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Poem Or from that Sea of Time - Walt Whitman