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By Broad Potomac's Shore

BY broad Potomac’s shore-again, old tongue!
(Still uttering-still ejaculating-canst never cease this babble?)
Again, old heart so gay-again to you, your sense, the full flush spring returning;
Again the freshness and the odors-again Virginia’s summer sky, pellucid blue and
Again the forenoon purple of the hills,
Again the deathless grass, so noiseless, soft and green,
Again the blood-red roses blooming.

Perfume this book of mine, O blood-red roses!
Lave subtly with your waters every line, Potomac!
Give me of you, O spring, before I close, to put between its pages!
O forenoon purple of the hills, before I close, of you!
O smiling earth-O summer sun, give me of you!
O deathless grass, of you!

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Poem By Broad Potomac's Shore - Walt Whitman