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I'm going to give up loving you

i’m going to give up loving you
I’m going to hate you instead
Living’s so difficult difficult baby
Hating’s like staying in bed

You expect too much when i’m loving you
I haven’t got it in me to give
Love keeps on keeps on at me baby
It makes a man frightened to live

Hating’s so simple so pure so clean
You hate and that’s all there’s to it
No one comes bawling at you bawling baby
Love says you’ve got to do it

When you hate the world you don’t owe nothing
You can pick and choose who you are
When love gets its claws its claws in you baby
You’re stuck in your place like a star

So let me take hating every time
Love can go jump in the sea
I’m giving up loving you loving you baby
And sticking to loving me

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Poem I'm going to give up loving you - Rg Gregory