Mother’s Smile

For my wife, Elizabeth Harris Burch, and my mother, Christine Ena Burch

There never was a fonder smile
Than mother’s smile, no softer touch
Than mother’s touch. So sleep awhile
And know she loves you more than “much. ”

So more than “much, ” much more than “all. ”
Though tender words, these do not speak
Of love at all, nor how we fall
And mother’s there, nor how we reach

From nightmares in the ticking night
And she is there to hold us tight.

There never was a stronger back
Than father’s back, that held our weight
And lifted us, when we were small,
And bore us till we reached the gate,

Then held our hands that first bright mile
Till we could run, and did, and flew.
But, oh, a mother’s tender smile
Will leap and follow after you!

Originally published by TALESetc

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Mother’s Smile