None is spared your handsome smile

The mystery of a smile that glows within your eyes
And is framed in an innocent countenance
Passes not unheeded.
Those transient’s hallway smiles and greetings offered through your door
Are slyly seeking kisses you unwittingly bestow
Each time you purse your lips
And say hello.

There is a bounty of pleasure in your pretty face
Suffused with guileless feelings unconcealed
To every passer-by,
And none is spared your handsome smile
Revealing to each courted glance
A promised tryst, an aired caress,
A moment of significance.

And when you venture forth your lines
Are pleasing to the watcher’s eye
Of softened curves and billows in a tidy form
That draws a muted wish of sighs.
Voluptuous and languid grace placates your urgent stride
And pillows breast and buttock in a sultry swell,
All undulating gently with the tide.

Were you ungirded of conventions stays
And flowed to fill the place you own
In natural flesh, your unrestrained allure would so
Ignite this reverie that lust would burst its seams;
Your naked charm, that promise in your smile,
Beckons madness in its sweetest form
And titillates illicit, luscious dreams.

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None is spared your handsome smile