you’ve seen a strawberry
That’s had a struggle; yet
Was, where the fragments met,

A hedgehog or a star-
Fish for the multitude
Of seeds. What better food

Than apple seeds – the fruit
Within the fruit – locked in
Like counter-curved twin

Hazelnuts? Frost that kills
The little rubber-plant –
Leaves of kok-sagyyz-stalks, can’t

Harm the roots; they still grow
In frozen ground. Once where
There was a prickley-pear –

Leaf clinging to a barbed wire,
A root shot down to grow
In earth two feet below;

As carrots from mandrakes
Or a ram’s-horn root some-
Times. Victory won’t come

To me unless I go
To it; a grape tendril
Ties a knot in knots till

Knotted thirty times – so
The bound twig that’s under-
Gone and over-gone, can’t stir.

The weak overcomes its
Menace, the strong over-
Comes itself. What is there

Like fortitude! What sap
Went through that little thread
To make the cherry red!

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