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Forbidden Fruit

all the forbidden fruit I ever
Dreamt of or was taught to
Resist and fear ripens and
Blossoms under the palms of my
Hands as they uncover and explore
You and in the most secret
Corners of my heart as it discovers
And adores you the forbidden fruit
Of forgiveness the forbidden fruit
Of finally feeling the happiness
You were afraid you didn’t deserve
The forbidden fruit of my life’s labor
the just payment I have avoided
Since my father taught me how
The forbidden fruit of the secret
Language of our survivors’ souls as
They unfold each others secret
Ballots the ones where we voted
For our first secret desires to come
True there’s so much more
I want to say to you but for
The first time in my life I’m at
A loss for words because
(I understand at last)
I don’t need them
To be heard by you.

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Poem Forbidden Fruit - Michael Lally