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Thank you Ambrose

Thank you Ambrose for the kitchen door ajar,
A sign your friendship never closed on me, an amity extended
From afar although it was a distant glow I didn’t really know.

Thank you Ambrose for staying staunch and true,
A fellowship renewed in time of need, reviewed each time indeed
Concentric paths of earthy spheres we orbit in combine.

Thank you Ambrose for appealing to the poet I became,
The muse I never knew whose gentle protestations were disposed
In subtle plays on words conveyed in hues of ever changing light.

Thank you Ambrose for being right when I was wrong,
Being fair when I was strong in condemnation, patiently awaiting
For the end of fancied flights of my self-righteous indignation.

Thank you Ambrose for staying in my mind a sober voice,
I always heard the choices you proposed. It took me time to talk
With you although I made excuses disabusing what you know.

Thank you Ambrose, I am giving you the home you have inside my head;
If you were I instead of me you would have given me the key and lead me
Where I could recline in restful ease a long, long time ago. And rest I will
With you my friend.

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Poem Thank you Ambrose - Ivan Donn Carswell