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Morning's Reflections

Were meetings predestined then ours was intended,
Great oracles decreed it as fate, and the auguries chattered
With sweet benefactors and fêted to chance with a face.
We were then both separate and free in our choosing
Sailed in clean air on the breeze, a following sea to sail
Where we pleased and our pleasure a duty of care.
The elements schemed and drove us together, coincidence
Less than a plan, a confluence of paths, an innocent meeting
But innocence died in the pan; unlike ships in the night that pass
On the right sharing glimpses of distant desires – and sail on free
To a known destiny with conscience as clear as the skies.
Our passage through life was changed on that night,
Our courses aligned in the hour by forces and choices beyond our
Resources, driven by unlimited power. The morning’s reflections
In clear light of day were freshened by stars in the sky,
Forever alight and still burning bright and showing the reason why.

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Poem Morning's Reflections - Ivan Donn Carswell