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Absorbed in familiar rhythms

Absorbed in familiar rhythms,
Carillon of senses steeped
In good vibrations, surrounded
By musical beat
Pulsing potently
In avidly articulated veins,
Moving heated blood
Faultlessly, delivering its purity
Into a reservoir of deep power,
Preserving a cadence of fractured drumbeat
Accurately with timeless
Ocean sounds wound effortlessly
In an eager counterpoint,
Breathing a relaxed coda,
Witnessing a rhythmic inspiration,
All tolling the same true song.
Feet tap to the old tunes,
Fingers rap common themes
As the words roll free
In schematic indignation.
These are scenes driven
By racing guitars pouring
The sounds of the surf
Back into my soul,
Beating anxiously alongside my heart,
Renewing my energies.

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Poem Absorbed in familiar rhythms - Ivan Donn Carswell