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It would never be Common more I said

It would never be Common more I said
Difference had begun
Many a bitterness had been
But that old sort was done

Or if it sometime showed as ’twill
Upon the Downiest Morn
Such bliss had I for all the years
‘Twould give an Easier pain

I’d so much joy I told it Red
Upon my simple Cheek
I felt it publish in my Eye
‘Twas needless any speak

I walked as wings my body bore
The feet I former used
Unnecessary now to me
As boots would be to Birds

I put my pleasure all abroad
I dealth a word of Gold
To every Creature that I met
And Dowered all the World

When suddenly my Riches shrank
A Goblin drank my Dew
My Palaces dropped tenantless
Myself was beggared too

I clutched at sounds
I groped at shapes
I touched the tops of Films
I felt the Wilderness roll back
Along my Golden lines

The Sackcloth hangs upon the nail
The Frock I used to wear
But where my moment of Brocade
My drop of India?

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Poem It would never be Common more I said - Emily Dickinson