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It is a secular world

Our Indonesian friends again exhibit strains of gross hypocrisy,
It’s a virus that abounds in the islands of a thousand tongues,
Is skipping hosts, mutating at a scary pace, infectious to the
Very worst peninsular urbanities. Where do their antisocial
Trends originate; I’d hesitate to point, do they need to cogitate
To find a cause, or do we just initiate by asking
Wait a minute mate, what’s the story with these dumb demands?
You’re supposed to be sophisticates – you tell us so
In no uncertain terms, what we’ve learned suggests you’ve
Joined the World community without a paid-up membership,
You’re late into this Century, if you’ve even made it yet.
It’s here already mate, just look around; and so you know,
Diplomacy does not demand, it asks, as in a world democracy,
For causes of divergent views and shows respect for them.
Your veiled abuse and clumsy threats is evidence of such
A lack – and now you have the gall attacking Sovereignty.
You say you’ve writ the rules for us to join the Indonesian team
In terms you set for world-wide games you barely understand
And do not play, competing in a tournament you ridicule
With self-appointed referees that operate without a clue
But certified to do without recrimination what they will
In rough defence of Sharia; and of course you’re not the slightest
Insincere. I’d hate to queer your pitch, you are my neighbour still,
But no will in the World will excuse your insular view. Step up a bit
And take a look my friend – it is a secular world, it is round,
And what goes around comes around again!

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Poem It is a secular world - Ivan Donn Carswell